Restrictions impacting tourism


RESTRICTIONS on international flights will continue to dramatically impact tourism and the airline industry in the second half of 2020, an official says.
Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Rio Fiocco said international flights, border movements and traditional crossing restrictions came under the National Pandemic Act 2020.
“(The absence of) international flights will have a dramatic impact on tourism and the airline industry both of which are struggling,” he said.
“We are not seeing visitors coming in for business purposes. We are not seeing trekkers coming in to walk the Kokoda track. The trekking companies and the villagers are not getting any income.” Fiocco said the business community was not confident at the moment and were anxiously waiting for the Government to approve major resource projects such as Wafi-Golpu in Morobe, P’nyang gas project in Western and Papua LNG project in Gulf.
“Business community is not feeling very confident at the moment,” he said.
He said major events planned for this year such as the Investment Week which attracted businesses houses and investors had been postponed.
Fiocco also noted the impact on the economy with people losing jobs.
Oil Search Ltd last week reduced staff strength by more than 500 employees.
“Unfortunately, all these people losing their jobs has an impact on the economy as there will be less people with less money to do shopping and buy consumer goods,” Fiocco said.
“Businesses are desperately waiting to see which of these new resource projects (Wafi-Golpu, P’nyang and Papua LNG) will be approved and hopefully commence construction.
“Because it’s that sort of thing that will give confidence to business houses to reinvest again.
“And of course, the capital investment of Wafi-Golpu starting up would be a tremendous boost to not only Lae but the whole economy.”


  • Money & economy should be seen as the last resort in saving human lives.
    If we are so concerned about the pandemic reaching our shores and destroying lives like it has already done for millions of lives world wide, then we should restrict entry through international flights. I think the government is doing a great job in putting restrictions at our borders, and it should stay that way.
    People like Rio Fiocco is just concerned with lost investments by his wantoks (white men), who like to do investments in PNG because this is where they get rich overnight.
    Investments or money cannot buy back lost lives. There is always time to make investments and adjust economies. To hell with those investments.
    Now is the time to save lives and preserve human nature and NOT worry about investments and economy.

  • The restrictions are killing more people than Covid 19 would possibly kill in PNG.
    I hope there is no sinister motives behind the SoE and suspending Court hearings while allowing certain individuals to fly into the country on the pretext of delivering PPE and select court matter’s to proceed.

  • James Quinten must be an individual who still has a full-time job Or has at least some sort of income to provide for his family.

    • LB, If you a smart enough you wouldn’t rely on feed from outsiders. And relying on outside feeders is, and will always be the mind-set of most PNGeans since independence. We rely too much on outsiders.

      I believe Covid-19 just shook a lot of people by surprise who were spectators in their own country.

      FYI, I don’t have a full time job and I don’t need one. You must be someone living in the city where you are not suppose to be…☺
      We need to do something for ourselves and stop being a ‘YES BOSS’, YES MASTA”

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