Retired school principal planning to complete unfinished projects

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MARIANVILLE Secondary School former principal Sister Angela Taylor says she has some unfinished projects to see through.
She has retired but plans to continue being involved in the school.
“I have a few unfinished jobs I have to complete,” she said.
They are projects she had been working on from last year.
“We have to keep building because we have got very small classrooms,” she said.
She said the education department had increased student intakes so the school needs to build more classrooms.
“Classrooms were built for a class size of 35 students. Now we are trying to put 50 students in each class. So we have to keep building.”
She said some classrooms were “hot and very unhygienic”.
She achieved one of the projects she planned when she joined in 1995 – to build a library.
The school, too, does not have land to expand.
“We will keep building upwards because we don’t want to lose our sports fields,” Sister Angela said.
She taught social science, English and religion. She also supervises wimming classes for grade 9 and 10 students.

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