Retirement is about having your own space


ALMOST 40 years into his career, the thought of retiring from the Public Service is now dominating his mind. And it is for this reason that this senior public servant is now building a house while he can.
John Kali CMG OBE joined the public service in 1977 as a casual employee. His permanency was confirmed a year later in 1978. In 1979 he was fortunate to be given a house along Parani Cress in Tokarara.
Kali is currently Secretary for Department of Personal Management, a role he has served for four terms since his appointment.
The extension to his current home was all thanks to Nambawan Supers Housing Advance Scheme, a scheme he only heard about recently through his employees.
“Due to my busy schedule I missed one or two Nambawan Super awareness sessions held in the conference room at my department. That’s why, although being one of the longest contributors, I was not aware of Housing Advance Scheme.
If I had not been for a work conversation with my staff I would not have known about the scheme.”
In August this year, he lodged an application to renovate his residential property. Seven days later, a cheque payment was made to the supplier.
“I engaged a qualified architect to design the extension plan as per my liking and then took it to NCDC, Eda Ranu and PNG Power for approval. In 2015, I finally got approval from the Building Board for renovations to commence but I didn’t have enough finances to kick start the construction phase.
I was very happy when my Housing Advance Application was approved and even happier when I received the cheque from Nambawan Super. My ideal retirement home is finally becoming a dream come true,” said a very grateful Secretary Kali.”
He however had a suggestion with regards to payments for housing advance.
“The housing advance is a very good concept for all Nambawan Super members and I am privileged to have utilised the product instead of making a bank loan. But my only request is for Nambawan Super executive management to make alternatives on payments to genuine contractors engaged by genuine applicants,” said Kali.
Nambawan Super Chief Executive Officer, Paul Sayer emphasised that the primary aim of superannuation is retirement savings.
“A member can utilise the Housing Advance product only if they have been contributing for over five (5) years to extend, improve, build or buy a home.
If you wish to purchase an existing home but your funds on hand are insufficient, you can utilise your housing advance towards a deposit to apply for a loan with a bank or financial institution.
All Housing Advance cheques are to be paid directly to the vendor or to the approved suppliers or bank.
It is humbling to see very senior public servants following procedure and abiding by regulations to access products and services made available to them by the Fund,” said Sayer.

  •  The writer is Senior Publication and Media Officer at Nambawan Super.


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