Return of writ set, Gamato says

The National, Monday July 11th, 2016

THE writ for the South Bougainville by-election will be returned tomorrow, says Electoral commissioner Patilias Gamato.
He said this last Thursday when commending those involved for a successful by-election that saw the election of People’s Progress Party candidate Timothy Masiu as the new South Bougainville MP last Monday.
“I’m quite happy with the results. In fact, South Bougainville set the record in the counting process, because normally the counting (of votes) takes five to six days but South Bougainville did it in three days,” Gamato said.
“That’s a milestone, an achievement in South Bougainville. I want to congratulate returning officer John Itanu, acting election manager Tani Tulo and the people of South Bougainville for a good job.
“I thank Bougainville leaders for their support of the by-election. I also congratulate the newly-elected MP for South Bougainville.”