Road contracts not going to your cronies, Works minister tells MPs


Works Minister Michael Nali told MPs yesterday that he will not give road contracts to their cronies.
“I will give contracts to reputable contractors so that the roads they do will have value to the money spent,” he said.
Responding to East Sepik Governor Allan Bird about the criteria used by the Works Department to award contracts for road maintenance, Nali said: “We have competent officers in the department who scrutinise projects that come on board. Projects below K10 million, we have engineers who evaluate these contactors for these projects. They look at experiences in business and capacity like how much equipment they have. So they (bidders) are heavily scrutinised.”
Nali said he did not know much about his predecessors’ work.
“Now I’m the minister, I’m making sure that things are done properly. I have now instructed the Works Department that we will award contracts to contractors who can deliver. And if you see a particular contractor working on a road contract in your district , it will reflect my hard-working reputation that I had built up for many years. I will not give contract to your friends.”