Road maintenance starts in Huon Gulf

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday June 25th, 2013

 A ROAD building and maintenance programme in Huon Gulf district, Morobe, has started for two Wampar communities on the Mama-Bogeba and Ngaromangki roads.

Work is funded by MP Ross Seymour while the district administration has yet to chip in its portion to get heavy equipment there.

The district’s new heavy machinery bought and launched recently to build roads in the three local level governments of Wampar, Salamaua and Morobe post are sitting idle at Klin wara. 

Ngaromangki, ward 18 communities include Arisisi, Suma, Aruwempa, Arungkup, Muniks, Wampup 1 and 2, Arasasa, Wamseganang and Mapaganang, along the foothills of the Atzera range.

It includes Bobong, Markham farms, Erap station and primary school, Arungkup and Awengpa along the highway. 

Seymour engaged a local contractor, Atzera Construction Ltd, to rehabilitate the road, an hour’s drive inland from Erap primary school along the highway.

Ward 18 council candidate Johnny Artango said inland communities along the foothills of Atzera range from Erap to Wawin connecting Fayang, Sifu, Siara and Mama-Bogeba were left in darkness.

“Darkness in a sense of road, health and education; though we do hear vehicles travel up and down main highway but feeder road to link us transport to fresh food and vegetables to market, the sick to health centres and access other services is very difficult,” Artango said.