Roadshow encourages students to care for nature


THE staff and students of Wardstrip Demonstration Primary School conducted a mini roadshow in nearby communities in commemoration of the World Environment Day in Port Moresby last Friday.
Programme coordinator and grade seven teacher, Naomi Benda said the programme was developed to engage the students in a creative learning experience.
“I had the idea of engaging these young people in a fun experience for this commemoration so that they grasped the idea of keeping our earth safe,” Naomi said.
“We also wanted the nearby communities to be aware of this important day and observe with care knowing that our earth is our home and what we do can affect it in one way or another.”
Naomi said Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (Cepa) and the NCD police supported the road-show.
“We are happy that the Police see the importance of this day by escorting us on the road and making sure of the safety of staff and students. Cepa has sponsored the committee group with eight customised T-shirts and will be sponsoring the major prize award for the ‘best banner”, she said.