Rocking under the volcano

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EAST New Britain is gearing up for a music concert featuring popular local artists hitting the music charts currently in the country.
The Paveks NGI Nite 2009 set for Saturday will feature the Skwataz band of Port Moresby, BJ Nagura, Excess Band of Kimbe, Barike Band, Wayne Tefatu of Ex-Vibes, Radaaz Band featuring Anslom Nakikus, Rokas the Kid and Charles Kivovon.
Promotion marketing coordinator from the BEMRJ Production Events, Rochus Tommy Jnr, said they were expecting a huge turnout from fans in ENB.
The first part of the concert will begin at the Kalabond Field at Takubar from 10am to 3pm and and the second session is at the Ralum Country Club from 7pm to 2am.
The highlights of the night at Ralum will include the Mortlock knife dance, Manus dance, taman pun (traditional dance from Duke of York) and Tolai whip dance.
Other highlights that people can enjoy are the K1,000 balloon drop and K100 eyes ice spot.
Tickets for the Ralum Club event are K30 pre-sold and K40 gate.
The Kalabond event: kids under 12 years K5, students K10 and adults K15.
Mr Tommy said the event was to bring together local artists and promote unity and local music.
He said the Paveks NGI Nite was sponsored by Paveks Promotion, Orchid Promotions, Kokopo Village Resort, NBC Radio East New Britain, Lumluvur Guest House, and Active Pest Control.
The concert is also supported by the ENB Community Development, Coca-Cola Amatil, Yumi FM, FM 100, Tok Music wantem JK and Last Born Hire Car.