Roofing iron processing plant launched in Karkar


SUMKAR people in Madang were given the go ahead to begin the first process of preparation for the government’s rural electrification programme under the 2018 Apec arrangement.
Sumkar MP and Correctional Service Minister Chris Nangoi, Treasury Minister and Bulolo MP Sam Basil and Civil Aviation Minister Lekwa Gure accompanied by Raicoast MP Peter Sapia, Markham MP Konny Iguan and Minyamya MP Thomas Pelika launched the roofing iron and V-Crimp processing plant established on Karkar Island over the weekend.
Basil said the idea behind their visit was to see how the facility worked and would capture that in their party policy so that they can help people build better houses in rural villages in their respective electorates.
Iguan said he would fund a similar process though his DDA to help his Markham people change their Kunai grass roof thatch to roofing irons,
Nangoi said they would distribute the roofing irons to various households on Karkar island and said similar machines for producing roofing irons and V-crimps in Sumgilbar was already in Madang town to serve the people of Sumgilbar.
“We will produce and distribute roofing irons and V-crimps to our people and I’m proud that it would be labelled as Made in Karkar or made in Sumgilbar,” he said.
Nangoi said the idea to have the machines purchased from China activated when one of the 2018 Apec resolution was for New Zealand, the US and Japan invested in having 75 per cent of the total population in the country have access to power.
He said having better houses was a requirement for PNG Power Ltd to connect power so he took the first steps.

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