Sack Hunters’ coach for continuous loss


THE continuous losing streak by the SP PNG Hunters in the Queensland Intrust Cup should not be left unaddressed.
The PNG National Rugby League (NRL) management and its board is hereby asked to sack coach Matthew Church for the losing spree.
This is unacceptable.
The Hunters relocation to Australia is supposed to an advantage with the facilities and training conducted there.
I don’t see any reason for losing every game.
The coach in other levels of rugby league gets sacked and why not do the same to the Hunters coach?
Why is the management so complacent?
Drop players who are not performing.
Many experienced players are here in PNG.
One of the notable ones is Garry Lo.
Many supporters have rallied behind Lo but the coach, PNGNRL management and its board seem to turn a blind eye on that.
A lot of money from sponsors and stakeholders and even taxpayers money is spent on the Hunters and yet the end result are not rewarding.
The PNGNRL management and board should wake up before Hunters end up in the bottom leader.

Frustrated and Concerned Fan