Safety concerns raised

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POLICE Union president Lowa Tambua says the frontline workers, including disciplinary forces, are putting their health at risk by not having the proper personal protective equipment (PPE).
Tambua, speaking at a joint press conference yesterday, called on the Government to come clear on where the money for the Covid-19 state of emergency (SOE) was being spent when the disciplinary forces, including police, PNG Defence Force and the Correctional Service officers, were not properly protected.
“I have been getting calls, especially my policemen and women on the ground, not so much those in higher brackets but men and women on the ground, concerning the PPE and their allowances,” he said.
“My appeal is in two parts, one is to the members of Police, Correctional Services and Defence Force; and the other is to the Government.
“The war we are engaged in is pandemic and it’s an enemy that you and I don’t know and we were not prepared to fight.
“This calls for us to rise up we may point fingers at each other but this is an emergency, let us all rise up and take ownership and fight this battle together.
“We can fight about the allowance and meals later but we have taken an oath to serve this country without fear or favour.
“If we do not do our part, then who will do the job?
Tambua said the government needed to explain how the economic stimulus package of K5.6 billion that was being allocated would be spent.

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