Sambua has set a poor precedent

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday, April 29, 2011

THE call by Madang businessman Peter Yama for police to investigate why a K1.3 million misappropriation of funds case against an Australian national was withdrawn by the state is very serious.
The involvement of the new acting public prosecutor, Camillus Sambua, touches on the very nerve of the country’s judiciary and constitution.
As a former policeman, I view the actions of Sambua as an injustice to the plaintiff, the case officers (police personnel) and workers of the committal court.
Anyone can see some­thing is terribly wrong in the way Sambua stepped in to withdraw the charges against Austra­lian John Mad­dison, who was al­leged to have misappropriated more than K1.3 million from Nesenal No. 77 Ltd, which is part of the Yama Group of Companies.
Maddison was charged with 49 counts of misappropriation.
This case should not be thrown out just like that.
Why did the committal court refer the matter to the next level if there was insufficient evidence?
What Sambua had done was to make a mockery of the court system.
What he did has set a precedence that he, at anytime, can step in and throw out a matter awaiting trial.
I call on our legal commentators like Peter Donigi to tell us, the laymen, if the dismissal of the K1.3 million proceedings against Maddison was proper.


Port Moresby