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DEPARTMENT of Lands and Physical Planning secretary Benjamin Samson says there is a process involved for the issue of land titles.
Samson, in response to claims against him issuing the title of land Gerehu Section 378, allotment one, told The National that all processes were followed in issuing the title.
He dismissed claims that the department had conspired with Pr John Paraka to issue the title to the East Boroko Christian Fellowship.
Gulf businessman Harupa Peke had claimed that there were corrupt dealings and fraudulent registering and release of two State leases to Pr Paraka under the East Boroko Christian Fellowship.
Peke had alleged that the two State leases were registered to non-existing land described as section 378, allotment one, at the corner of Sivari Road and Ligibata Road, Gerehu stage two.
Samson said the land was owned by the West rugby club but they did not comply with the conditions, no development took place and no fees were paid and the land title was cancelled.
The current title holder is East Boroko Christian Fellowship.
Benjamin, however, said the title was cancelled because it was understood at that time that the church was not registered as an association with the Investment Promotion Authority.
However, the church produced documents, including a court order, saying they were the title holders so Samson restored the title to the church.
He said Peke, on the other hand, had illegally gone through the NCD physical planning board for the land which was not vacant.
As a result, the land was sub-divided into two allotments – 12 and 13.
The land, however, was not vacant and this process wasn’t possible.
“To avoid complicating the issue because the church still had the title, the court recognised them as the title holders,” Samson said
“Our hands are tied because someone has a title over the land.
“If we are going to do anything to deal with him, then, it would be illegal.
“We cannot do anything because someone has an existing title.
“There is nothing to hide from our end. My job is to ensure we do things properly and right.”

One thought on “Samson explains title row

  • The courts are not the ones to deal with the process of land titles but have now granted a title without due process on the reason of availability of evidence. Now it has to go back to Court to nullify the title by doing a proper investigation with the lands dept. and NCD Physical Planning. In this case, the process starts with physical planning.

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