Sanguma and puripuri are not a myth

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 01st December 2011

I REFER to the letter “Sanguma, puripuri a primitive culture” (The National, Nov 29) by Okuk Mori Rogerson of Sydney.
The letter caught my attention and I would like to give my views.
I do not totally agree with the writer’s one-sided post-intellectual rhetoric.
However, I do agree that more people are becoming lunatics given the high use of illicit drugs, alcohol abuse and lack of proper education.
But the belief in sanguma and puripuri existed long before our written history.
Why do people keep on accusing and killing other people?
Sanguma cannot be a myth.
Such a myth is propaga­ted by a real event or an existing entity.
For example, gravity is not a myth.
It is there but we cannot see it physically.
The same goes with sanguma and puripuri.
As an intellectual, I do not condone the killing of other people.
But I do not regard sanguma as a fairy tale either.
The issue is if you believe in it, fine.
But do not go about accusing others of practi­sing sorcery and killing them.
That is not right.
The late Joe Mek Teine was on a nationwide awareness on sorcery and trying to change the people’s mindset when he died.
I urge the government to continue where Teine left off as awareness on this issue is vital.

Gene Drex