School board must provide past financial records

Letters, Normal

The National – Monday, February 14, 2011

IN support of the call by parents of students attending Kaupena High School, there must be a thorough investigation into all financial transactions and the general administration of the school for the last four years.
The school has been operating on the mission facilities since its establishment in 2000 and there is hardly any progress in terms of school infrastructure development.
Infrastructures, such as staff houses are inadequate, resulting in qualified teachers leaving or turning down appointments.
Boarding facilities are non-existent, thus, most students become day students walking long hours to school.
The general learning facilities such as classrooms, library, science laboratories, home science buildings and messing amenities are inadequately provided.
As a result, the academic performance of the school is rated among the bottom 10 schools nationally in the last four years.
The school administrator seems to be operating out of the office most of the time during this time.
Financial reports for the past years were not made known to parents and citizens.
Teachers seem to be operating in isolation with less supervision.
The school board has failed to provide a financial report for the past four years to the public.
As a concerned parent, I call on the education authorities to investigate the financial affairs and school’s administration.
Parents cannot continue to pay fees unless past financial records are made known.

JM Magena