School gives second chance to students


A GROUP of 31 students have received certificates from the Giregire Secondary School in East New Britain after completing grade 10.
School founder and director Pius Gavi said it took him three years to discuss with his late wife and children about establishing the school to cater for dropouts from grade eight and grade 10
“The journey started three years ago when families and relatives of students started asking me to assist with getting their children into high schools,” he said.
“But it was unfortunate because the system does not allow that.
“It was quite a heart-breaking for me as the education adviser at that time.”
With the foresight of his late wife and his children, the school started its operation in 2018, enrolling students from grade eight.
The provincial education board endorsed the school registration with the Education Department.
“Most of the teachers recruited are experienced,” Gavi said.
Fees next year would be K2,000 per child for grades nine and 10 and K2,500 for grades 11 and 12.