School reopens after 10 yrs

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday July 11th, 2013

 CHILDREN of the Yanta villages in Wafi, Morobe, celebrated the reopening of their school recently –more than 10 years after its closure.

Wafi Primary School was closed when teachers left due to transport difficulties. 

There is no road to the school and the only way in was by helicopter or walking a bush trail to the Wafi-Golpu project access road. 

In the past, when there were no PMVs, teachers had to walk many kilometres to get to the Lae–Bulolo Highway.

The school’s head teacher Robin Boas urged parents to send their children to the school and support it.

“We must contribute to our children’s learning by taking ownership of the vital services provided by the Government and others,” Boas said.

At the re-opening late last month, the excited children were the first to arrive to decorate the school grounds. 

Rehabilitation and maintenance of teachers’ houses and classrooms was funded by Morobe Mining Joint Ventures (MMJV) through its community regional development education programme. 

An aid post located in the school area was also renovated.

Three teachers are now at the school and a health worker will be providing services for the Yanta communities.

The school and the aid post will serve thousands of people from the six Yanta villages of Pokwana, Zilani, Pokwaluma, Hekeng, Pekumbe and Venembeli.

An emotional Yanta Development Association president Gelam Lautu said for many years no Yanta children received tertiary education because there were no accessible schools in the area.

“About 30 years, we’ve not seen one child from here reaching tertiary education level,” Lautu said.

“I thank MMJV for ensuring the Wafi school is up and running to provide learning for our children and set them on the path to receiving a tertiary education.

“We must work together to ensure that the teachers stay and teach our children”