Schooled to add value to others

HDI coach Winsome Nenewa giving her closing remarks at the graduation.

THE second class of 35 students who attended the Human Development Institute’s Personal Viability training was a family thing.
There was sets of siblings and parents and their children who sat in for the 10-day training and the HDI coaches said they were quite privileged to have a sense of family within the class. The class graduated last Friday, Feb 7.
“Family is where the heart is for most of us who are privileged to be part of a family growing up,” coach Winsome Nenewa says.
“Family may differ in meaning as many people come from different backgrounds from which they consider family. There is a saying that goes “blood is thicker than water” which in its simplest meaning would be that nothing and no one can ever break the bond of a family unit,” she continues.
“I would describe family by saying it is the support system behind every man and woman’s success story. For every dream that is achieved and every goal that is reached, motivation comes solely from the people you love and hold dear in your heart as family. It is proven time and again that love has the highest vibration on the face of this planet hence from love families are formed.”
Nenewa, a certified PVBS Level 3 coach who facilitated this training, described this batch of students as thinkers.
“Going through 10 days of full on class daily from 8am-4pm is a gruesome task and cannot be taken lightly.
“Mind you, PV is always about the transformation of mindsets through learning how to harness and make full use of your God-given personal power.
“Change cannot be expected overnight but with faith and belief and proper guidance there is no limit to the possibilities one can achieve.
“Within these two weeks you get to witness the beauty about how minds can be transformed in the way the students present themselves. There is always a complete sense of new found belonging and the realisation that you can achieve whatever you wish to only when you make up your mind,” Nenewa adds.

Enlightening testimonials

Timmy Hevari

Timmy Hevari
The two most important things I have learnt in the two-week training are adding value to others and personal ower. You have to give first to receive. You have to add value to other in order for other people to add value to you. Personal power is within all of us, the onus is for us to make full use of it to bring forth good things to our lives. I thank Papa Sam and HDI especially to our coach Winsome Nenewa for all that she has imparted to us.

Roselyn Jainona

Roselyn Jainona
As a young intellectual coming into HDI I now am fully aware of and understand why I had faced setbacks in my projects. People say that “the world is your oyster” you can conquer anything you would like to when you make up your mind to. You cannot go out there and try to conquer the world if you cannot conquer yourself as a person. This PV training has made me come to realisation that I have to own myself and in that way I am enabled to own my dreams, own my talents, own my purpose and gifts and my vision in life. I have to take ownership of the projects and goals I desire to see come to completion. If I can conquer myself then there is nothing that the world can throw at me that I cannot see through. The most important phrase that really captured the essence of this training programme is “think big but start small” because small is beautiful and small is powerful.

Elaine Wabege

Elaine Wabege
I have learnt a lot of important things in this training like learning how to speak confidently in front of people as I came in as a shy person. I can now proudly say that I am very confident in public speaking. HDI has changed the way I think by making me understand that in order for me to change the people and environment around me I first have to change myself as a person and that is by taking ownership of myself. To achieve change you have to be the change. I would like to thank Papa Sam for having the heart for the people of Papua New Guinea in trying to make a difference in our nation through this Personal Viability Program. Special thanks to our coach Winsome Nenewa and HDI.

Francis Xavier Wailoni

Francis Xavier Wailoni
As a final year student in high school attending HDI’s PV training has really been an eye-opener for me. I now realise I have the power within me to be very successful in life. As a teenager this experience has been one of the greatest opportunities one can ask for. For I have been exposed to such rare knowledge and the only way I can exercise this is through application. Knowledge is power but without use it brings about nothing. Through this training I am confident in knowing I am able to face whatever challenges that may come my way because I have the power within me to shape the Earth and reach for the stars.

Emma Suamba

Emma Suamba
This PV training has been really helpful to me. It made me understand how the mental, spiritual and physical phases in life have to be in unison if I am to achieve change. I have grown to be confident and mindful of the people and things around me in order for me to help others I first have to help myself. I am excited about the prospects of this training and I believe this school will be the next revolution in our education system. Thank you Papa Sam and HDI.

Nasfund representative Vincent Lialu was the guest speaker at the graduation. He thanked the HDI for the opportunity to witness the occasion.
“Listening to all the participants’ testimonies was refreshing in a sense that it reminds me of myself when I made up my mind to go out there in the world and be someone. Behind every successful story is someone close to heart that we draw inspiration from to continue to keep pushing forward for a better tomorrow.
“We can have dreams, goals and visions but it will amount to nothing if we do not do our part by working hard for it. Good things come to those who are patient but even greater things come to those who risk everything to go out there and seek the best.
“I wish all the graduating participants well in your future endeavors,” Lialu said.
HDI founder Papa Sam (Samuel Tam Snr) stressed the importance of “making up your mind”.
“You can achieve anything you wish to when you make up your mind to. You see when you make up your mind to do something it sends an automatic signal to your whole being that you are capable of anything and suddenly all obstacles seem more like stepping stones towards your goal,” he said.

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