Schools face problems with education system changes

The National,Monday June 27th, 2016

A MOROBE education official has admitted that schools have problems in coping up with changes in education system.
Huon Gulf District education manager Moses Wanga said there was problem with implementing education reforms.
“Teachers, students and schools cannot cope up easily with changes in education system, and implementing it was very difficult,” Wanga said.
He said the government’s two policies of students speaking English in schools and reading books at library were not fully applied or may not adhered by schools.
He said it is evident with students not reading, understanding and coping up with English words in exams of all subjects.
“And English was worse”.
Wanga highlighted this during a day workshop organised, funded and facilitated by Bilum Books publishers Ray O’Farrell and Irene Sawczak in Lae last Wednesday.
The trainers training for teachers by Bilum Books will see teachers conduct training for other teachers in their respective schools on how to use English books published by Bilum Books as supplementary to teach students using Standards based curriculum.
Wanga said content of Bilum Books are simple and easy, but needs time and commitment from teachers in elementary.
He said in outcomes based education (OBE), teachers create their own curriculum and lessons.
“But SBC (standard base education) is simple, once you know content of Bilum Books, you know SBC. We will implement standards in Huon Gulf district using Bilum Books as an alternate before government produce SBC curriculum books for schools.”
He said Huon Gulf will train teachers and implement SBC in the best way it could.