Schools launch education plans


CENTRAL Gazelle local level government (LLG) in Gazelle, East New Britain (ENB), was the last of the five LLGs to launch their three education plans last Thursday.
The plans were the school learning improvement plan (Slip), school behavioural management plan (SBMP) and school disaster and risk management plan (Sdrmp).
The launch was held at St Joseph’s Primary School in Napapar 2.
Nearby elementary and primary schools in the LLG turned up to present their plans.
Gazelle is the first district in ENB to launch plans for all its elementary, primary and secondary schools from its five LLGs.
According to Teachers Service Commission regional director Betty Pulpulis, Livuan-Reimber was the first LLG to launch their three plans, followed by Inland Baining, Toma-Vunadidir, Lassul Baining and now Central Gazelle.
Pulpulis said their direction and guidance came from the Education Department eight years ago and teachers had formulated their plans – especially the SDRMP and SBMP.
She commended the district’s schools for working collectively to get their plans completed.
She said SLIP would see developments taking place in the schools from the students tuition fee free (TFF) funds or from school project fees.

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