Schools to get outstanding payments next week

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SCHOOLS have been advised to check their bank accounts next week for the amounts outstanding to them from last year, Education secretary Dr Uke Kombra says.
It is part of the K211 million tuition fee-free allocation which the Government is now paying through the banks.
The Education Department, Finance Department and the Bank of PNG are ensuring that the funds reach the schools soon.
The Government has also allocated K632 million for this year, of which K316 million for the two first terms have been released.
Kombra said the Government wanted schools to receive the funds before the start of classes.
“I cannot guarantee that the full amount will be received by schools this year because of the economic situation and the challenges,” he said. Kombra said the amount outstanding from last year has been released late.
“We held back the funds because we don’t want to risk paying the money during the Christmas break,” he said.