Scouts set up base at in Maprik

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday, May 24, 2011

IN a historic move, the Chief Commissioner for Scouts Major Sere Kala and Scouts Madang Commissioner James last week officially launched the scout programme in Maprik, East Sepik.
During the ceremony, more than 100 Scouts were commissioned, including two women scout leaders.
Kala presented five scouts leaders warrants to scout, 10 service awards, a five-year service award, eight 10-year service awards and a 15-year service award.
Witnessing the event were members of the Maprik district, local villagers, community leaders and small contingents of Maprik and Yangoru police officers.
Kala inspected a guard of honour by Scouts.
The event saw Motunga Primary School to introduce the scouts programme as part of its curriculum.
Other schools visited included Maprik Secondary School.
Kala challenged the youths to say no to drugs and home brew and to look for positive ways instead of resorting to crime and other harmful activities.
Kala called on church leaders to have integrated approach in partnership with Scouts PNG to roll out the programme as part of church programmes.
Over 1,000 people flocked to see the launch of the Scouts programme in the province.
 “It is good to have this programme here because it will help everyone who is involved in this programme to live and act responsibly,” Kala said.