Scrutinise candidates, voters told

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The National, Monday June 24th, 2013


PEOPLE voting in the local government elections next month have been urged to properly scrutinise candidates before giving away their votes. 

Nathan Manda, a community leader in ward 1, in the Ahi rural local level government (LLG), said many leaders had been elected in the past but very little had changed in the communities.

Ward 1 includes the Kamkumung area on the outskirts of Lae city.

Manda said in Lae yesterday, young people, women and people in the communities were tired of  hearing rhetoric during election time and then there was a five-year silence following the election of the ward councillor and LLG president.  

He said a meeting was held at Kamkumung on Saturday where the president and ward councillor blamed each other for the lack of development in the area.

“Our new leader must be someone who can stand up for his people and can account for his five years as councillor otherwise we will be wasting time bringing in another disappointment,” Manda said.

“I am urging, not only people in ward 1, but voters throughout Lae and Morobe to give their votes for leaders who can and will bring real change,” he said.

Manda said the onus was on voters to bring changes they deserved by electing good leaders.