A season of jubilee and ‘new beginnings’ (Part 2)


IN last week’s segment, we discussed the biblical understanding of the jubilee and had a glimpse of the coming year 2018with its Hebrew counterpartyear,5778. In this article, we will see prophetic ‘hints’ at what the year 5778 \ 2018 is likely to bring our way, plus the significance of the jubilee to what some have termed, “the sleeping giant” – the United Church.
In studying gematria, or Bible numerology, one finds that the pictorial characters of the Hebrew, as in the Greek alphabet, are not only of linguistic use and meaning but also have a numerical value by virtue of their place in the alphabet. Rich layers of meaning may be found within these letters and correspondingly within Holy Scripture.
Sept 20, 2017 (Feast of Trumpets) marked the beginning of a new year, 5778, in the Hebraic calendar. It followed 5777, one of the most intense and world-shifting years ever. The year 5778 is represented in Hebrew by two letters: ayin and chet, from the final two numbers, 7 and 8. We are in the decade of the 70s, which is represented by letter ‘ayin’ orpictographically, a pair of eyes(i.e., perception, learning to see what God sees in the situations we go through). Meanwhile, the 8 (chet) represents an open door, a new beginning, or resurrection.Some more interesting facts about 8 in scripture are:

  • Circumcision happens on the 8thday in the life of a boy, marking the beginning of his life
  • There were 8 souls saved in the flood of Noah.
  • The Lord re-affirms His covenant with Abraham 8 times.
  • King David was the 8th son of Jesse.
  • The day of Pentecost was an 8th day festival ushering in the world to come.
  • Jesus was resurrected on the 8th day.

The 7 in 78 is the Hebrew letterayin, which is made up of another letter, vav, with ‘crownlets’ on top. This depicts the King (Messiah) wielding His sword, a reference to war. The balance to what we have seen so far, besides the blessings and positives that will come our way, is that this is also a season of warfare. As we saw in 2017, the year ahead will be marked by wars, violence, lawlessness, nations rising up against another, and an increased threat of nuclear warfare.
Israel will feature more and more in world affairs and that most controversial real estate on earth – the Temple Mount in Jerusalem – will be the trigger for the next big Middle East war. The symbol for 5777 was ‘the King with His sword drawn,’ while the symbol for 5778 is ‘the King with His sword drawn is in the field (with His people).’
Apart from physical war, another aspect of warfarewe will see more and more will be the ‘war’ against God’s principles – e.g., same-sex marriage, a resurgence of pagan practices, ‘traditional’ (tubuna) beliefs and practices, powers of darkness (sorcery), etc. There will be a revival of the powers of darkness. Sadly, sexual immorality plus the practice of sorcery is being practised by those who profess Christianity and even hold church leadership positions.I have witnessed open confrontation upon pastorsand Christians who refuse to compromise God’s standards and expose demonic activity, even with the threat of excommunication. Take note – the King stands poised,ready with His sword drawn!
God is cleaning up His Church, and preparing her for the last day’s revival that will bring in the biggest harvest ever seen. His hand is upon His church, the Body of Christ in PNG. I believe God waits to see what His people will do in the midst of an alarming increase in sorcery related killings, general corruption in high offices, and sexual misconduct by so-called leaders of the people. God will whip open the covers in 2018. Some church leaders are speaking out; others are mysteriously silent. Where is God’s voice?
Well, what has this got to do with 5778 and jubilee? A lot. This coming year is pivotal. The church must arise and be God’s prophetic voice. The church also must begin to live like God’s people. Enough of ritualistic dead stagnant religion.Note, another important word associated with chet is chai, meaning ‘life’. Some of our pastors and leaders need a real genuine life-changing encounter with Jesus, not just mental assent. Jesus is chai. In Him is chai. Let the Life (chai) of God arise in our churches.
Moreover, as we prepare our lives for the coming year, refuse to dwell on the past. Your past failures are history and should not hinder what God wants to do. God says He will do “a new thing” (Isaiah 43: 19). He offers you a new beginning and an open door to walk through. Interestingly another word with the Hebraic numeric value of 78 is “to dream”. What dreams have you had? What have you planned for which hasn’t materialised yet?Hold on to your God-dream, and walk through the door God opens for you to see it come to reality. Perceive what God is doing and tap into His plans for your life in 5778.
As for my lovely denomination of the United Church, it is double blessing time. Note another Jubilee truth found in Lev 25: 11, 12. It says we are not to sow and reap. We simply eat what God gives us from the land that was previously tilled. This means the years you have sown seeds, you have prayed, you have laboured seemingly with no result, will now come back to you in abundance. Fruit will be produced by God this year.Claim back land and property that was lost through various devious means. Claim back souls whom the devil has stolen from your family. They shall return in the Jubilee year. Declare every local congregation to be debt free in the jubilee year. Pray that the spirit of religion and formalism be broken upon this ‘sleeping giant’ so she can rise to her maximum potential in God. And in obedience to God’s edict in Lev 25: 10 to “proclaim liberty throughout the land”, may this jubilee year be a year of evangelism and missions.Rise up and bring in the sheaves. The King is in the field; His sword is drawn; He is ready for that final move. Are we?
May the Church in PNG, including the United Church, arise as one in the year 5778 \ 2018 and see multitudes come to Yeshua in preparation for His imminent return!

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