Secretary says K2.5mil project to help dept monitor funds


A K2.5 million database development project on the way will help the Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD) improve the management of service improvement programme (SIP) funding to provinces and districts.
DIRD secretary Aihi Vaki told The National that the purpose of the project was to improve the management of assessing and analysing the acquittals of the SIP funds to help provinces and districts in their development plans.
“Evidence data is important, it’s good for guidance in development and planning,” Vaki said.
“We have taken this step for SIP and district information management database.
“We will have the database developed by contractor Catalpa International.”
Vaki said the project, funded by the Australian government, would measure the performances of districts.
“Based on the acquittals received, we will advise the MPs on the performances of their electorate,” he said.

One thought on “Secretary says K2.5mil project to help dept monitor funds

  • Dear Mr VAKI, any acquittal on paper is NO ACQUITTAL without corroborative physical inspection and evidence carried out by independent people…ino nau nau, yupela traim workim sampela samting different liklik so you, DIRD can be rest assured that there is actual K10million of development on the GROUND to match the paper report!!

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