Security concerns

Letters, Normal

The National- Thursday, February 3, 2011

 THERE are enormous security concerns for women, men and children in PNG. We are afraid to be raped and killed by our own people. 

People cannot move freely in many of our towns and cities and in some places in the villages as well.

The recent killings of five people are just an example of what goes on all year round in city settlements and villages with tribal fights.

We can blame the then Somare-led government for bringing early independence without major social development strategies in place for the so-called stone age people of this nation.

If we are happy about the current progress of our government, what is the government doing about the security concerns I have mentioned? We claim to be a country of Christians and yet practice un-Christian deeds.

I think there is a better way in Christianity. May be all that we are hearing from preachers is tainted with physical wisdom and knowledge. 

It is time now to search for the truth in the Bible that sets people free from security concerns and other social issues.


Sonnie Sallie

Goroka, EHP