Security guard Joe plans to be an accountant


SECURITY guard Joe Waiang plans to become a qualified accountant one day and is slowly working his way towards that.
He already has a Diploma in Accounting which he attained in 2018. His next goal is to get a Bachelor in Accounting degree.
His main worry right now is supporting his two brothers in the big city of Port Moresby.
He is the second eldest in a family of three brothers born to parents Ulka and Hanna Waiang. They hail from the Gena tribe in Kerowagi, Chimbu.
Joe completed Grades One to Eight at the Gagl Primary School from 2005 to 2012. He completed Grade 10 at the Mt Wilhelm High School in 2015.
He then completed Grade 11 and 12 through the Flexible Open Distance Education (FODE) in Kundiawa before being accepted to do a Business Management programme majoring in Accounting at the Don Bosco Technical College in Chimbu for two years.
Joe, 26, graduated with a Diploma in Accounting in 2018.
He came to Port Moresby to further his studies.
Joe worked with the Keto Construction Limited as the assistant accounts officer for about a year.

“ I am now working (as a security guard) to support my brothers (so that we can all) achieve our goals.”
Security guards Joe Waiang (left) and Sammy Dame at Gordon Market.

“I did the company payroll, budget, banking, book keeping and calculated tax dividends to be paid to the Internal Revenue Commission (IRC).”
He is living with his two brothers Abraham and John at Nine-Mile outside Port Moresby.
Elder brother Abraham is teaching at the Laloki Secondary School while John is into his second year at the Don Bosco Technological Institute.
Joe is working as a security guard for a company in Port Moresby. He started in February last year.
He is based at the Gordon Market in Port Moresby.
He and others guards watch people sell and buy fresh produce, cooked food and second-hand clothes.
“We ensure the safety and security of the vendors and customers at the Gordon Market. Sometimes it is challenging for us to control people during busy times but we do our best to provide safety to women and girls.
“People feel secure and safe when doing their marketing here because we protect them.”
Joe and his workmates man the gates to ensure people observe the Covid-19 safety measures when entering the market.
“We make sure people wear mask and do social distancing. We don’t allow people to chew betel nut or smoke in the market. The environment here is clean and healthy.
“Hundreds of people do their marketing here with a lot of cash flowing every day. So it is our responsibility as security guards to protect them.”
Joe plans to pursue a Bachelor in Accounting degree later. For now, he wants to earn money and support himself and his brothers.
“I am now working (as a security guard) to support my brothers (so that we can all) achieve our goals.”