Security review needed

The National, Tuesday July 12th, 2016

ELECTORAL Commissioner Patilias Gamato and Police Commissioner Gari Baki will have to review the security situation in Hela before a decision is made to hold a by-election there, Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari says.
He said this last night with the deadline fast approaching for the Government to allocate K9 million to the Electoral Commission by July 24 to conduct the by-election for the regional seat declared vacant after the death of Governor Anderson Agiru.
“It’s not only the fund. The Electoral Commission has also got to look at the security in Hela, and also if there is enough time,” Lupari said.
He is the chairman of the Inter-Department Election Committee.
“The period lapses on July 24, which is the anniversary of writs of the previous election.
“After July 24, there can’t be any by-election.
“So they (electoral and police commissioners) will have to look at all these things.
“I understand that the electoral commissioner is seeking advice from the police commissioner, who is the only authority to advise the electoral commissioner on security conditions up in Hela.
“If all those things are in place, then the Government has no choice but to find the money to conduct the election.”