Security scare puts yoga and walk on hold


THE Walk and Yoga For Life campaign has been temporarily stopped until the organisers can address the security issues, says manager Fazila Basari.
The last one for the year will be held this Sunday.
Carjacking incidents and other security issues occurred last Sunday during the weekly event in Port Moresby.
Basari said they were working on addressing security concerns before they could continue the walk and yoga again after Sunday’s final walk of the year.
“So the walk against human rights abuse that will coincide with the Walk for Life this coming Sunday will be the last one for this year,” Basari said.
“We have been working hard to make this day possible because we believe that the rights of each and every person in this country is a human rights for everyone.”
Basari said they had a couple of programmes to mobilise people to come out to walk with them to celebrate the World Human Rights Day.
“We have put in a lot of effort in this programme for the last two years so this will be our last walk. So this Sunday will be really special.”
Basari said they were expecting about 20,000 people to come out.
“The T-shirts that we are going to wear is going to be maroon or red. It is to symbolise that we have power in our country and we are tired of the blood, and the bleeding and we are angry. It will be to show that we are ready to move forward,” Basari said.
The walk will start at Murray Barracks to Jack Pidik Park, from there onto the highway and all the way through Poreporena Highway down to Sir Hubert Murray Stadium.
“There stage, booths, performances and speeches will be taking place and all along the road we have put up small booths talking about the 30 articles of the human rights. So the first booth will be at Jack Pidik and all along the freeway. We need to know our rights and we need to know that living healthy, living safely and living cleanly and without violence is everybody’s right.”