Selling on the street


I WOULD like to acknowledge the Lae City Law and Order Committee (LCLOC) for the initiative to reduce crimes in the city.
I was pleased to read in The National on Sept 8 the LCLOC plans to carry out the two-week awareness programme in an effort to reduce crime in the city.
However, the idea to remove street vendors and shoemakers from the street got me thinking.
Making shoe is an art and a work of craft that can be facilitated in a craft market. If a mother can sit in front of a shop, weave bilum and sell them to earn money, why not a father making shoes.
We cannot buy cheap shoes from Asian shops forever.
Moreover, what will the street vendors resort to if they are removed from the streets?
They might turn into criminal activities or who knows. Therefore, if possible, include the vendors with the 100 men who would be trained as police reservists and make accommodation for shoemakers in areas designated for craft markets.
This may result in a long-term benefit, rather than just chasing vendors off the streets because they will still pop-up back on the street to create problems.

UPNG A6 Tutumang