Senior Hunters praised


SP Hunters coach Matthew Church says the leadership of his senior players has improved communication between him and the rest of the squad.
“They’ve been really good,” he said at the Sir John Guise Stadium in Port Moresby yesterday.
“All the senior players have been stepping up and are making sure the younger players ask questions when they don’t understand.
“I need to find a way to communicate that whether I show them using a video or whiteboard.
“I’ve noticed that when I write stuff down, they seem to understand a little bit better compared with just talking to them.
“So we’ll continue to work on that and get better each week.
“Some of the younger guys who were first in, they’re really starting to open up with their communication.
“It’s been impressive when you have guys like Stanton Albert and Enoch Maki taking the lead in your squad.
“Seeing them in the gym, taking guys aside and just having a chat with them about certain things we are trying to work on and they’ve been able to communicate that.”
The Australian also commended his coaching staff for their help in bridging the communication barrier between him and the players.


  • Its not like we Papua New Guineans don’t understand English, they players are not keen on talking to the new coach because of the superiority complex, where we always look up to the ‘white man”. I hope as time goes on they will get to know the coach well and communicate more with him.

  • English comprehension is a massive ISSUE to all of us. Its not just about understand a word. It’s also about relativity and the application of the word or phrase of a subject.

    Great to see senior players taking the lead. Good stuff!

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