Service providers continue to demand payments

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Irate service providers are continuing to argue with the Morobe provincial government over delays in their payments.
Provincial works chairman Waka Daimon, however, says only reputable companies like China Railway International, hotels and others that properly invoiced the provincial government would be settled after screening.
He said most bills incurred were by cronies of officers employed within the provincial administration and government for hire cars.
Daimon said Governor Ginson Saonu and provincial administrator Bart Ipambonj had already allocated K5 million to settle outstanding bills since Dec 11.
He said 500 genuine claims were identified with 108 already paid.
Of the remaining 392 outstanding, 35 will be paid this week, with 357 yet to be paid.
“The payments are done on batches determined by funding availability and amounts invoiced and will continue into next year,” Daimon said.
“We’re screening every claim and paying them at least half or one-third of their claims.”
He appealed for patience and respect from service providers and “not to frustrate the process unnecessarily”.

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