Services return at end of five-year conflict


GOVERNMENT services are finally being restored in the Nahorawa local level government area after five years of conflict over sorcery-related accusations and killlings, a local MP says.
Raicoast MP Peter Sapia said there was a tribal war against alleged sorcerers in 2014 and that caused people to flee in fear.
He said government services were disrupted and public servants left the rural population to survive on their own.
The incident saw more than 80 youths and men convicted and are serving life sentences in jail.
Sapia said he funded peace negotiations between clans and groups and roads in the Ranara and Gomumu areas that were blocked were now open to all.
The roads were closed because of the fighting.
Sapia said the Raicoast district development authority has given K1.3 million to pay for the upgrade of the road and FTM Construction Company has started working on it.