Sete new ACP for Central, NCD

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THE promotion of officers within the Royal PNG Constabulary in the last two to three years has not been consistent with higher ranking officers occupying positions much longer than was required.
Internal Security Minister Sani Rambi made this statement at the commissioning of Awan Sete as Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) for NCD and Central.
The ceremony was held at the police headquarters in Konedobu, NCD, yesterday.
Mr Rambi said the appointment and tenure of the ACP positions were not mandatory and senior officers should not be serving longer than 11 years.
“We have ACPs now serving up to between 12 and 15 years, which should not be the case,” Mr Rambi said.
He said he would like to see their terms shortened to at least between three and nine years so that younger officers could strive to move up the ranks.
While accepting the appointment, ACP Sete thanked his superiors, saying that NCD was the “nerve centre” of the country and law and order in the city had to be upheld.
He said police in NCD should lead by example for others to follow.
“Disagreements within the force will not help bring out the best in our duties,” ACP Sete said.
He maintained that officers must put their differences aside and recommit themselves to their roles and responsibilities of serving the Government and the six million people of this country.
Mr Sete said as a discipline force, it was important for all members of the constabulary to uphold their code of conduct and ethics at all times.
Mr Sete is the ninth ACP in the country to be confirmed to the position.
Another person would soon be appointed to a similar position to serve the autonomous region of Bougainville.
ACP Sete, who as been with the police force for more than 30 years, would serve in the position for three years.