Settle cattle distribution issues: Farmers

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CATTLE farmers want the Government and the National Department of Agriculture and Livestock (NDAL) to settle the issue of equal cattle distribution to all farms nationwide.
Highlands Farmers and Settlers Association (HFSA) executive officers are disturbed and alarmed by the silence of many people on the forceful takeover and distribution of cattle from the Markham farms.
Vice-president Nelson Duwabane and his secretary Wilson Thompson said a lot of state funds were being used to acquire the cattle stock for redistribution to various regions for the benefit of the smallholder farmers.
They pointed out that many farmers and project proponents had made submissions to National Agricultural Development Plan (NADP) for cattle projects but there was no response.
These projects are supported by various MPs and joint district budget planning and priority committee.
The farmers all seem to be waiting for money from Waigani and complained that the NADP funds were not trickling down to farmers.
Genuine cattle farmers should be asking for the cattle to be distributed to the nearest NDAL breeding and distributions for their benefits.
The HFSA executives pointed out the cattle from Markham Farming, funded through the NADP was for the benefit of PNG farmers.
Mr Duwabane and Mr Thompson urged all farmers and graziers from Dumpu, Arona Valley, Bena, Asaro, Waghi, Mt Hagen, Central province, East Sepik and others, to travel to the Markham farms and take and distribute the cattle amongst themselves.
They said the distribution of the nation’s wealth should be fair and equal to regions, provinces or districts.