Settlement youth group gains recognition


YOUTHS in the Gomosasipo Settlement in the Moresby-North West electorate of the National Capital District have finally launched and registered ab association with the NCDC Youth Desk – a first of its kind after 25 years.
In an historic occasion last Sunday, May 5, the NCDC Youth Desk presented the Gomosasipo Youth Group (GYG) with the Certificate of Recognition through their officer Kure Yosi.
The youth group members, parents and all the members of the community attended the event.
Group interim president Michael Tom emphasised that the youths have missed out big time over the years because there was no vehicle to channel in much needed services to meet the needs and wants of the youths to progress their lives and wellbeing.
“We have been missing out many things over the years and with the launching and registration of our youth group with NCDC Youth Desk I believe it will bring in many benefits to us youths and the community,” a tearful Tom said.
Gomosasipo Settlement chairman Francis Kanasi said it is a first time in 25 years since the establishment of the community that such had happened and he commended and acknowledged the efforts of the youths to make a difference in the community.
“On behalf of the community as the chairman I commend your efforts in launching and registering the youth group with the NCDC Youth Desk, something that is a first in 25 years since we settled here”, Kanasi said.
“However, as you go on, there will always be challenges but I urged and encouraged you all to never give up but work together to ensure that you achieve what you all aim and aspire for”.
Kanasi added that the group represented youths, both male and female, from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds from all over PNG. Hence what the group, executives did must be fair so all would benefit from whatever the youth group did and achieved along the way.
“This youth group represents both men and women from all over PNG who are settling in this settlement hence whatever benefits that comes in the name of the group must be shared equally and fairly among all of you”, he said.
Yosi when officially presenting the certificate to the youths, told them that there were many great things to benefit from but they have missed out over the years.
“There are many good things happening at the NCDC Youth Desk that are benefiting the many youth groups in NCD.
“Now that your group is registered and recognised by us, I urge you to work together with us so that we can achieve the aims and goals of your group.
“However, one thing that I would want to see is honesty and accountability in whatever you do and your group will progress”, he said.
Yosi added that that the NCDC Youth Desk would help and work with the youth group hence they must feel free to consult them when they need any assistance.
The settlers first moved in and settled there in 1995 after they were relocated from Burns Peak to make way for the construction for what is now the Poreporena Freeway linking Hohola to Konedobu.
The name Gomosasipo stands for stands for Goroka, Morobe, Samarai, Sepik and Simbu, and Popondetta.
The first people to settle there in 1985 were from these places.
The settlement is within the corridor of the nation’s capital but there had been no such youth group or other gathering at the community level through which they could seek representation at the city hall.
Consequently, the settlers felt they have missed out on basic services to improve their lives.
The youth group is a vehicle through which much needed services would be channeled to improve the lives of the youths and the community as a whole.
The group, with the assistance of the NCDC Youth Desk and other donor agencies and the business houses, aims to empower the youths by initiating projects in the SME sector, skills and other life-improving programmes to lift the standard of living in the Gomosasipo Settlement.

Samson John Hirowa is a freelance writer.

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