Settlers’ relocation, town road sealing project launched

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THE Bulolo town road-sealing and the relocation of displaced settlers from a 2010 ethnic clash taking refuge in a care centre were launched concurrently on Monday.
Kaiaworks Civil Engineering Contractors was engaged to build the 5.2km road sections from the main market to the district office and University of Bulolo, to be followed by other roads.
Kaiaworks earlier rediverted the Bulolo River after it destroyed homes and parts of road.
MP Sam Basil said the K4.7 million road-sealing funding was given by the National Forest Authority’s plantation funds. It was allocated to the Bulolo district for the first time.
Hidden Valley Mining promised to help construct another road costing K2 million.
Basil said Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Works Minister Michael Nali had committed to fix the Lae-Bulolo Highway, including the Menyamya-Malalaua road.
“In six months’ time, we’ll also construct a second by-pass for Kumalu,” Basil said.
Watut president Waka Daimon and Bulolo Mayor Soga Gaumina were satisfied with the funding and asked for more.
“We’ve given so much since Wau goldfields and yet we’ve been fed bones as much of our roads linking Menyamya, Wau, Biaru, Garaina are falling apart, others yet to be linked,” Daimon said.
The programme was launched at St Peter’s Primary School. It was also announced that 110 people in care centres were being relocated.
JB Construction Company was engaged to process about 1000 blocks at a cost of K300,000. Work is expected to take four months.
The victims will be resettled at Karanas, with an intention to ensure a mixture of various ethnic groups lived together.