Shed more light on Apec


I CONDUCTED a small research by interviewing several people about the Apec meeting.
I targeted 20 university and college students, 10 working professionals and 20 unemployed people including village people.
The questions were:

  • What is Apec meeting?
  • how much do you know about Apec meeting?
  • what are some of the agenda that will be discussed during the Apec meeting? and,
  • How will the Apec meeting be beneficial to PNG?

From the 50 people interviewed, 80 per cent did not answer question 2, 3 and 4.
They know about the Apec meeting and that it will be held in November this year.
The people in Papua New Guinea must know what is happening in their country.
I, therefore, urge the people responsible to carry out more awareness.
They must clarify the Apec meeting in terms of agenda that will be discussed, and the benefits for the country.
Most of the people know and have heard about Apec meeting, but they don’t understand the concept and the intention of hosting it and its benefits.
People living in rural places in remote parts of Papua New Guinea like Ambula in Jimi district, Jiwaka, are living in total darkness.
If the Apec meeting is for the good of this country, then the people of this country need to know and understand what it’s about.

Mervin K Mukul
Millep Ond Dam

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