Shift focus, penalise perpetrators


IT is about time that authorities shifted their focus from providing trauma support for sorcery accusation-related violence survivors to ensuring that perpetrators are prosecuted and held accountable for their actions.
It is just sad that despite the continuous reports of women and old men being tortured and burnt over sorcery allegations, there have never been reports of perpetrators being prosecuted.
Yes, police have stepped up recently in their response with many reports of survivors being rescued, but no one is being held accountable for the horror caused. Why?
Is it because it involves a whole village?
Or it is because police lack manpower?
Why are the perpetrators not prosecuted?
How can we change that?
If it means implementing the death penalty then by all means we should.
Even if it means sentencing people in a whole village to death then that has to happen.
Justice should always be served!
A crime was committed, and if the whole village has committed that crime in one way or the other, the people in that village should be held accountable.

Frustrated Papua New Guinean

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