Shops’ high prices of Sepik Fresh Eggs frustrates Maru


YANGORU-Saussia MP Richard Maru says he is disappointed that some supermarkets in East Sepik are selling Sepik Fresh Eggs at high prices.
He made the statement following complaints from locals that prices of Sepik Fresh Eggs sold in supermarkets were same as similar products produced by other companies in the country.
Sepik Fresh Eggs is part of the commercial agriculture development at Huaripmo Farm in the district.
“My discussion with IAI (Innovative Agro Industry) revealed that supermarkets are placing over 60 per cent mark-up on the wholesale price,” maru said.
“This is unacceptable as they are not passing on our cheaper egg wholesale prices to our people in the province.”
He said the farm was established to ensure that cheaper protein was available for the people.
“I am quite disappointed with the 60 per cent mark-up by established supermarkets,” he said.
“On their supermarket shelves, there must be a clear price difference between Sepik Fresh Eggs and other sourced eggs by between 20 and 25 per cent at all times.
“This has to be the same for our chicken meat products when they hit the shelves by May.
“Our people in East Sepik expect and deserve cheaper poultry projects from our Huaripmo Farm.”
Maru said a team from Port Moresby IAI would travel to Wewak next week to investigate the pricing complaints and set maximum retail prices for wholesalers.
“Those who do not want to operate within our recommended retail price can buy elsewhere and not from our farm,” he said.


  • Thank you Member for keeping watch. I am amazed how your serve your people.

    God continue to bless you with wisdom and knowledge

  • Thank you Honorable member. One of the True Sons and Leader of Yangoru Saussia and PNG. Keep up the Good Work.

    May God Bless You.

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