Should we take Zurenuoc seriously?

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday 19th December 2011

WHAT the Finschhafen MP, Theodore Zurenuoc, said in parliament last Wednesday must not be taken seriously.
He said on EMTV that while he was praying in the parliament sometime ago, he had this feeling that the parliament was cursed and he rebuked a few of the spirits there.
Those who study the Bi­ble will question his claim.
How can he be sure that his feelings are right or inspired by God?
Many leaders in documented history have had certain feelings and went astray and, in the process, led their followers to doom.
The Pauline, Petrine or Christian approach is to test everything by the Word.
In the light of the scriptures, would his words hold?
It is unbecoming of a leader to talk like that.
Nowhere in the Western democratic world would a leader make a comment like that – only leaders of certain religious denominations do that.
The MP then went on to blame Sir Michael Somare for all the country’s woes since 1975.
Is he logical?
PNG had other prime ministers besides the Grand Chief.
Is Zurenuoc’s memory rusty?
Two previous prime mi­nisters are in his group.
Should we refresh his memory and mention that during their reign, many mothers and fathers lost their sons and daughters?
We know the dates but does he?
Please MPs, we expect you to be rational even when you are under great duress, anxiety or fear.
We expect our leaders to be rational, not to let their emotions get the better of them.
PNG Tauna
Port Moresby