Show real people using Digicel

Letters, Normal

Digicel is providing the best communication service in the country despite being in the country for only two years. 
It is certainly the better network.
I travel a lot to remote parts of the country and have observed that almost everyone in the rural areas owns a Digicel mobile phone.
Where there is reception, then more than half or even all the people in a household would have a mobile phone.
Where there is no reception, at least one or two in the family would have a phone and go to the nearest place where there is reception to make and receive calls.
The people in the rural areas have to pay a bit more to get their mobiles charged and a flex card is sometimes sold 50 toea or a kina on top of the normal price.
But these people are not complaining although it is a burden sometimes.
What I am trying to stress here is that people in the remote areas are proud of their mobile phones and are happy with Digicel.
They are happy to keep in touch among themselves and their families and friends outside of the village.
As such, I call on the Digicel promotions section to take this into consideration and make your advertisements in a more PNG setting where people actually appreciate the service.
I am sick of seeing clean, pretty faces on the advertisements.
They are not the ones who are moving the company in the country but the grassroots people.
The rural people are the ones in the fore front of the communication boom as 80% of the people in PNG live in the rural areas.
So why not use coffee farmers or our mothers toiling in their kaukau gardens in the advertisements?
Let’s get real and show that these people appreciate and are making full use of the services Digicel is providing.
Digicel is indeed the bigger and better network and it can move the country to the next level in the communication sector.
I want to see real people using the service.


BBI mudman