SHP, Enga and Chimbu urged to help

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The National- Friday, February 4, 2011


DEPUTY Western Highlands governor and Hagen Rural LLG president Wai Rapa is calling on three governors from the highlands region to chip in some money into his provincial budget.

Rapa said this during the provincial assembly meeting on Wednesday that majority of the people from Southern Highlands, Enga and Chimbu living in Mt Hagen city had access to good health care and quality education at the expense of the provincial government.

Rapa said majority of the students attending educational institutions in the city were from other highlands provinces.

He said that as a result, the students from Western Highlands were sent out to attend rural schools.

He said that it would be proper if governors like Anderson Agiru, Peter Ipatas and Fr John Garia contribute money and help the provincial government because it was outsiders that were benefiting from services in Mt Hagen.

He said that due to the high influx of people from other highlands provinces coming in and settling in the city there was more pressure on the provincial government in its effort to deliver sufficient goods and services for everyone.

Rapa said this also contributed to the escalating law and order problems the province was facing, particularly in Mt Hagen. 

Meanwhile, he commended Governor Tom Olga for handing down K125.3 million in the provincial budget for the year.

Rapa said that all  assembly members were happy that reasonable amounts  were allocated to the priority sectors which comprised education K11,502,300, agriculture K8,553,700, law and order K2,374,600 and infrastructure K4,797,000.