SHP schools face closure

National, Normal


THERE are fears that secondary and high schools in  Southern Highlands may be forced to close early for the year and students sent home due to shortage of funds to operate.
This was made known during the meeting of principals and headmasters of secondary and high schools in the province in Mendi last Wednesday.
The meeting was attended by 21 principals of Mogol, Nipa, Ialibu, Tari and Koroba secondary schools and Kaupena, Kutubu, Pangia, Gobe Agro, Sugu Valley, Hela Technical, Hoiyebia, Mendi, Yebi, Margarima, Erave and Kagua provincial high schools.
They told The National in Mendi last Wednesday that part of the provincial government’s subsidy was yet to be received and they asked when this money would be forthcoming.
They said most schools were now operating on credit basis and it was very likely that the schools would close prematurely after the Grade 10 and 12 national examinations this month.
The teachers said the provincial education board (PEB) and the  SHPG owed nearly all the schools  between K100,000 to K200,000 accumulated since last year.
They said the PEB and SHPG seemed unable to work around this delay, which affects general school operations and disrupt children’s learning.
While the schools have only received the National Government subsidy and collected parental component of fees, the promised 40% subsidised fees funding from the provincial government is yet to be received.