SHP schools hook up to internet

National, Normal

The National, Friday July 26th, 2013


MENDI School of Nursing and Mendi High School were the first two institutions in Southern Highlands to be hooked up to the internet after it was launched last Friday.

Telikom Foundation, a subsidiary of the Telikom PNG, launched its Clean IT programme at Mendi High School that was witnessed by thousands of thrilled parents, teachers and students.

Southern Highlands Governor William Powi embraced this concept with the aim to boost the education standard in the province and presented K500,000 to roll it out to all high schools and secondary schools in the province.

Southern Highlands deputy administrator Jerry David said there would be two teams from Telikom PNG and Telikom Foundation next month to install Vsat and establish the Clean IT programme.

He said the first phase will cover Nipa and Ialibu secondary schools, Buiebi and Pangia high schools and the SHP Technical College.

He said the second phase will cover Mogol Secondary and Kutubu, Kaupena, Kagua,Katiloma and Erave high schools.

“The Provincial Government intends to escalate this concept to all community and primary schools upon assessing the usage at the two colleges and schools,” he said.