Siassi electorate call made


DUE to geographical situation between Tewai and Siassi, Siassi needs to become electorate of its own.
The previous effort to create Siassi’s own electorate was pushed by former Morobe provincial government premiers from Utula Samana to Jerry Nalau with no success.
It was still rejected by the Electoral Land Boundary Commission.
The only answer for Siassi to become electorate of its own is to file an application in the Supreme Court to determine the issues affecting the Siassi people.
A councilor from Baluan Island in Manus travelled to Rabaul and filed an application in the Supreme Court in 1963. It was heard by two Supreme Court judges – Justice K Forest and Justice Miogue – and the court ruled in favour of councilor Paliau Molowat to remove Manus from Sepik to become the province of its own.
We Siassians are not asking for the province, but only the electorate.
Siassi is eligible to become an electorate under Organic Law.
The Madang provincial government should also release Long Island back to Morobe to form a part of the electorate with Siassi.
The Tewae-Siassi district headquarters at Sialum cannot manage the Siassi affairs because of rough seas and geographical differences.
There have been no police manpower in Siassi for 30 years, with law and order problems like killings, drug abuse, rape and many more continuing.
Siassi is no longer a safe place to live.
Its cultural heritage and customs have been abused by lawless people because of the absence of police.
Siassi is underdeveloped because of the lack government administration assistances.

Richard Maribu

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