Simatab rescues Wei islanders

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday July 11th, 2013

 AN atoll north-east of Wewak, with a population of 150 will soon have decent homes following the presentation of K10,800 by Wewak MP Jim Simatab for a new chainsaw under a home ownership scheme.

Located along the Pacific Ring of Fire, Wei is a rocky island, making gardening almost impossible.

The islanders rely on fish for their livelihood.

Wewak Island local level government president Toby Samek said the people had bought roofing iron from the proceeds of the sale of fish but needed timber, which they could not afford.

“I am very thankful for Simatab for realising a commitment made earlier to equip you with a portable sawmill,” Samek said. 

“This machine will help you produce enough timber so that you get started with your housing scheme.”

Simatab said he would provide water tanks as soon as their roofs were  erected.