Single mother increases fresh produce sales


A SINGLE mother of two who started a small vegetable selling business with K100 mid-last year has increased her sales and is making a decent living.
Elisha Charlie, 31, from Nondugl in Jiwaka, is buying at wholesale prices and reselling.
Charlie said she started selling produce at the market with K100 and was now buying bags of fresh produce at wholesale prices.
The fresh produce include cassavas, pumpkins, bananas, pineapples, mangoes and coconuts.
She buys them at the Boroko market in Port Moresby and resells them at Waigani market.
She said although it was a tough job, seeing the growth of small business had motivated her to continue.
“When I go to the market, I get people to help me to carry the bags of vegetables to the vehicle,” she said.
“In return, I pay them for their help.”
Charlie said for each of the bags, she would spend between K80 and K120 and make 100 per cent profit on them.
She said it normally took her two to three days to sell her stock, depending on the demand. Weekly, she earns between K300 and K500.
Charlie said she used the money earned to buy more stock and for household expenses and a little amount for savings.

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  • This is one tough lady with a strong heart. But please enough with that “single mother” phrase. Kind of encouraging other married women to get divorce from their husbands whenever there are problems in the marriage.
    Wouldn’t it be wrong to address her by her name?

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