Six teams compete in lawn bowls

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ONLY six teams are competing in lawn bowls in the 4th PNG Games which started last Friday at the PNG Defence Bowling club at Murray Barracks in Port Moresby.
The participating teams are National Capital Dictrict (NCD), Central, Madang, Morobe, Eastern Highlands (EHP) and Western Highlands (WHP) provinces.
The bowlers are juniors with ages ranging from 12 to 25 years, however, a few are 10 and 11 years old.
The competition started last Friday with pairs and triples.
In the men’s competition results for pairs last Friday, Morobe defeated NCD, Central beat EHP and Madang belted WHP while in the women’s competition (pairs) NCD beat Morobe, EHP edged out Central and WHP beat Madang.
In the men’s triples round one,  NCD defeated Morobe, Central defeated EHP and WHP beat Madang while in the women’s competition NCD belted Morobe, EHP edged out Central and WHP beat Madang.
On the Saturday’s round two pairs match for men, NCD beat Central on tie break, Morobe belted WHP in straight sets.
Eastern Highlands province defeated Madang while for the women, Central hammered NCD in straight sets, Morobe and WHP on tiebreaker and Madang won EHP.
In the triple round two for men’s competition, NCD beat Central, EHP beat Madang and Morobe beat WHP on tie break while for women Central beat NCD on tie break, Morobe defeated WHP in tie breaker and Madang beat EHP with 1 draw and 1 win.
Lawn bowls co-ordinator Kiliwi Nabo said pairs and triples would be completed by tomorrow.
“We will start with singles and fours on Wednesday and finish our finals on Friday.”
The game is continuing today with pairs and triples.