SMEs getting free training for business growth


SMALL to medium-sized enterprises (SME) can improve their businesses through free services being provided by the IBBM Enterprise Centre.
“Trainings are free for micro SMEs operating in the digital economy throughout the country,” said executive director Johnson Pundari at a workshop for the SME digital innovation awards.
“All you need to do is to complete a business assessment form.
“From the form we need to know what the SME needs so we know where help is needed.
“We will also assess the business’ capacity and show what path to take, so you can help your business grow.”
Pundari said the assessment will show what the business needs and “you can even receive free training for what you do not have”.
The IBBM Enterprise Centre is sponsored by ExxonMobil PNG Limited, the operator of the PNG LNG project.
The assessment project ends on August 17.
“Those companies assessed will automatically qualify for the 2018 SME digital innovation awards which will be presented at the Apec Business Advisory Committee’s PNG micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and innovation summit,” Pundari said.
The summit is from September 10 – 11 and it will involve the 21 member economies of Apec.